Abhishek Banerjee reveals the difference between his characters of Paatal Lok's Hathora Tyagi and Kaali 2's Jin Liang!
Wednesday, June 03, 2020 14:11 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Actor Abhishek Banerjee is currently riding high on success after getting massive appreciation for his last few performances. He played a colorful character in Stree and was recently seen as a ruthless killer in Paatal Lok. Exactly after it, the actor will be now be seen in Season 2 of ZEE5's popular show, Kaali.

The actor was most recently seen in the OTT series Paatal Lok, for which he is garnering immense acclaim as the dreaded hammer-wielding killer Hathoda Tyagi. Now, after 15 days of Paatal Lok's release, the actor will be now seen in ZEE5's bilingual show Kaali 2, where he will essay the character of Jin Liang. 

In Pataal Lok Abhishek's character is someone who doesn't have many dialogues and much to speak, but in KAali 2 his character is completely opposite.

When asked the actor about the difference between both the characters he has played, he said, "I am a little nervous about this character as many of my fans and friends told me that we want to see more of you and we wanted some more lines from you in Pataal Lok so I think that will be sorted out in Kaali 2 because Jin Liang talks a lot. He is a storyteller and he doesn't believe in keeping quiet at all and I think that's what is different about him. I mostly feel that when people talk a lot, they are not intimidating but Jin Liang talks a lot and he is still intimidating and he is very very dangerous."

Kaali 2 is a nail-biting crime thriller and this time, with something completely different the story revolves around a helpless mother struggling hard to save her son who has only a few hours' oxygen left in his cylinder. She is caught in an interrogation and is in the police custody. Luck favours her but that is not long-lived. Though she manages to escape, her path is beset within numerous difficulties before she can help her son. On the other hand, a dangerous criminal escapes from the prison. A drug consignment reaches the city. The lonely woman is caught amidst the gang war and reaches out to her only place of hope. Baffled by betrayals and innocent deaths, the mother now turns to a fierce woman who mends her way to learn the skills of survival in this battle.

The show highlights the journey of Kaali, her namesake from an extremely timid woman to a powerful Goddess. The lead role will be played by Paoli Dam as Kaali, Rahul Banerjee, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Abhishek Banerjee and Vidya Malvade will be seen in other important roles.

Kaali 2 has exclusively released on ZEE5 today, 29th May 2020.
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