Salman foils Ash-Abhishek's plan!
Friday, April 06, 2007 12:51 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
It is learnt that as part of his act, Bachchan Jr had planned that he would step down from the stage to Ash, who was seated in the front row, and lead her onto the stage for a shimmy at last weekend's Zee Cine Awards in Malaysia.

But to their horror, Katrina and her dancers (who performed before AbhiAsh) leapt into the audience mid-way through their frenzied gyrations and dragged a suitably surprised looking Salman to the stage for some synchronised dancing.

Both couples had different choreographers for their performances. Ganesh Hedge directed AbhiAsh's segment, while Bosco-Ceasar choreographed the KhanKat's act.

When asked about KhanKat's act, choreographer Bosco Martis says, "That part of the act was Salman's own doing. It was impromptu and we did not know anything about it."

Meanwhile, Ganesh Hegde (who choreographed AbhiAsh's act) says that here too it was Abhishek's idea to go into the audience and dance.

"During rehearsals, Abhishek decided that he would go into the audience.

Abhishek had mentioned that he wanted to make Yash (Chopra) uncle dance, but I did not know exactly who he wanted to drag back on stage.

It was decided that he would do his act in the audience itself, but eventually he dragged Ash up on stage," says Hegde.

Whether Sallu did this to SS that Abhishek is none too pleased with the star's child-like behaviour.

A source adds, "Abhishek had an inkling of what Sallu was planning and even requested Pradeep Guha (CEO, Zee Telefilms) to move his performance as the show's opening act, but by then, it was too late to reschedule."

We spoke to Bunty Walia, who managed Abhishek's act, who said, "It was an impromptu act by Abhishek. Aishwarya was taken unawares and it is clear from her reaction."
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