Inspiring the viewers, Jacqueline describes the one thing she would like to change about herself
Friday, June 26, 2020 16:19 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Jacqueline Fernandez is an actress who has always won hearts whenever she has made an appearance on-screen. With her always-radiant and positive attitude, she has really shone through and even inspired many with her light. Recently, Bollywood's sunshine girl, Jacqueline opened up more to her viewers connecting with them on a deeper level.

When in an interview with a leading magazine the actress was asked what is the one thing that she would want to change about herself, she replied "This is a tough one. Honestly, it would probably be to speak my mind more and not be scared to speak my mind."

Jacqueline further added "Sometimes I am just afraid that I might say the wrong thing or I might offend someone or hurt someone so I don't end up communicating that. I wish that was something that I could do easier as it is not easy for me to confront people. So that is one thing I would change about myself."

It is really awe-inspiring to see the actress open up about a thing that she would want to change about herself which just goes to show how virtuous she is to acknowledge even her flaws. It even urges others to accept things about themselves and truly bring about change from within and flourish.

On the work side of things, Jacqueline is also making the most of her 2020 with back to back song releases, a film release on OTT platform with Mrs. Serial Killer which received immense appreciation for her dark enchanting character, recently hosting an OTT reality dance show named Home Dancer and much more.
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