Unlock Review: A gripping ride that holds your attention till the end
Monday, June 29, 2020 10:01 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Hina Khan, Kushal Tandon, Aditi Arya, Rishabh Sinha

Director: Debatma Mandal

Platform: ZEE5

Rating: ***

Directed by Debatma Mandal and written Amanpreet Singh Bevli, 'Unlock' is a roller coaster ride that takes you to an imaginary world where you scratch your head and think whether dark web actually exists or not and if it does then if it really looks like the way they portray it on screen which is something intriguing and interesting.

Unlock is the story of four friends Suhani (Hina Khan), Amar (Kushal Tandon), Ridhi (Aditi Arya), and Anubhav (Rishabh Sinha). Suhani is desperately in love with Amar whereas Amar is in love with Suhani's roommate Ridhi. The story starts when one night, their mutual friend Anubhav (Rishabh Sinha) introduces them to the dark web, where anything and everything is available for a price. Frustrated with not being able to get Amar, Suhani goes on the dark web and downloads an app that promises to make her darkest wishes come true but with one condition that she must complete three tasks before her wish is fulfilled. Suhani's obsession with Amar takes her to the deep web and she completes her first task following which she finds herself involved in a murder. What happens further forms the rest of the story of Unlock.

Unlock is all about style with no substance but thanks to its direction and Hina's acting it still holds your attention till the end. The storyline is far from reality but there are a few turns and twists that will surprise you, but the writer could have worked more on the storyline. The film is just one hour long so the editing is commendable here.

Even in this 1-hour long movie Hina Khan fits perfectly in Suhani's role, her jealousy, fear, anger, terrifying expressions, body language just grips you with the storyline. Aditi Arya and Kushal Tandon have also done justice with their respective roles.

Background music is one of the best aspects that grasps and scares you. At some points the music is so good it becomes stunningly horrifying.

Overall, Unlock doesn't offer much substance when it comes to story but it has some good performances, direction and music. It might remind you of a few Hollywood movies that are based on some unique and never before seen concepts with unexplained endings. Unlock ends on a clutch note, where you will think that is it too easy to download a dark web app? But still, if you are a fan of watching thrillers then give yourself a chance and watch it.
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