Hasina Hoon Mein
Thursday, March 28, 2002 16:05 IST
By Santa Banta News Network

An album featuring Shweta Shetty and the music & lyrics of Nitin Aati Kya Khandala Raikwar could have been quite something. More so when you know that the Hamburg-based singer had help from BB King`s backing vocalist, Jan Harrington, on it. Shweta has a unique voice, Nitin has all the whacky lyrics, but Hasina Hoon Main is a missed opportunity.

If you are expecting more of Nitin`s taporism, look elsewhere. His lyrics on this album are amateurish, if not nonsensical. Chori Chori has words like Dil mera dil mera dhak dhak dhake, Chup chup ke dekhta koun, main jab dekhi to sharmaate koun, I know in I Know and Jiyaala boom boom, masti mein jhoom, dharti mein rehke, aasman ko choom in Jiyaala Boom Boom. It`s neither tapori talk, nor sensible lyrics. So these songs come as a bit of a disappointment from a lyricist who penned Apun Bola for Shah Rukh Khan in Josh and Mustafa Mustafa for A R Rahman in Duniya Dilwalon Ki.

As for Nitin`s music - he`s very techno-savvy. The eight tracks on this album are consistently percussion driven. So much so that they sound repetitive. He did have the good fortune of having a great guitarist on Hasina Hoon Main - we know not who - but the guy was mostly wasted on the album. This unnamed guitarist shows his brilliance in the title track and the rock-heavy tracks like Dr. Gonsalves, I Know and Jiyaala Boom Boom. But he only gets to do his stuff in bits and pieces. You can hear the guy doing some wicked things on his guitar in the background, but that`s where Nitin keeps him for most part of the album.

Of the present lot of Indipop singers, Shweta`s voice stands out. It`s not for nothing that she`s been billed the new age Usha Uthup. It`s an expressive, powerful voice, trained in Carnatic music and with some experience in Gospel singing. But Nitin fails to make the best of such a voice. She does interesting things with her vocal cords but somehow they fail to impress and sound laboured. She sings through a vocoder in Saare Ladke but don`t blame yourself if you presume that a voice distorter sang all the tracks. That`s how distorted she sounds on her latest album, thanks to a techno-savvy music director.

Hasina Hoon Main isn`t easy on the ears. But if you want an album just to shake a leg to, not sit back and enjoy, you could try it out.

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