Laundry Service
Thursday, March 28, 2002 16:23 IST
By Santa Banta News Network

The problem with most singers, who come from a background that involves either the Portuguese or Spanish language, is that when they try to attempt English language albums, their lyrics resemble your best piece of writing from the 3rd grade. For Shakira that problem was a good excuse to release Laundry Service. Shakira is the most amateur lyricist. If it wasn't for Gloria Estefan's collaboration on this album, then every song would have made you contemplate leaving the room through the nearest window! But there are some good songs that are very pumping and worth a listen and Shakira even has a way of hiding her atrocious lyrics. Allow me to elaborate...

The Album starts off with Objection, a Tango number according to the leaflet behind the tape but in no way can this number be called Tango. The lyrics are ridiculous and you start thinking about the hundred bucks you spent on the tape. Another thing you notice is that this babe has a vocal range that borders on the extremes. The range at times starts from something like Britney Spears' voice all the way to something almost operatic. Truly talented but Shakira needs some musical discipline. Then comes Underneath Your Clothes, which is mediocre but makes you recover from Objection. Finally, the number that you wait for Whenever, Wherever. This is the first of the musically superior songs with tolerable lyrics which has been co-written by Gloria Estefan. Rules follows with its ridiculous lyrics and then comes The One. Just to give you an idea, one line goes "I wish I had more thongs, So I could write more happy Songs, Is that so wrong." Or something even more idiotic than that!

In Ready for The Good Times, the beats were pumping and it's a very danceable track. Fool is a track that might make you think of Shakira as a person looking into an English Dictionary while translating Spanish lyrics. Even the music of this track is bad so fast-forward to Te Dejo Madrid, which is a pretty nice track with a very Flamenco style to it, but unfortunately it's in Spanish. The other Spanish numbers are Que Me Quedes Tu, a Spanish version of Whenever, Wherever, and a Spanish version of Objection. These sound ok since you don't really understand what Shakira is saying. Then the best number on the album Eyes Like You (Ojos Asi) , which is also co-written by Gloria and Shakira. The music on this album is pure brilliance and this is the best song on the entire album.

On the whole Laundry Service is pretty alright to play softly for a party except for numbers like Whenever, Wherever and Eyes Like You. But frankly, the musical arrangements aren't as smooth on the other numbers as in the above two, especially the guitar parts. But Shakira has a massive vocal range and all she needs is a good songwriter to help her out. Shakira is one artist worth keeping an eye out for!

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