'I am going the Salman way'
Thursday, April 26, 2007 14:01 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Ashmit Patel may not be doing well as far as his career graph is concerned, but he surely looks determined to make his name shine on the top of Bollywood chart list. So what if it wouldn't be for his acting skills. He is dead determined to do it the Salman Khan way. You guessed it right, he is planning to go shirtless. And no prizes for guessing that he is pumping iron day in and day out.

An actor has to take special care of his physical appearance if he has to survive in this glamour industry. With all these heavy schedules, how does Ashmit manages to take care of his exercising schedule?

"I make it a point to work out even on outdoor schedules. I had gifted myself with the aim of getting my six-pack abs back this birthday and am living upto it," answers Ashmit.

Way to go Ashmit. We just hope that your acting career and muscles grows simultaneously.
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