Saif's Ex-cellent arrangement!
Saturday, May 05, 2007 13:04 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Here is the latest new from Saif and Rosa. The buzz is that the actor has gifted his former live-in girlfriend a new flat in Andheri (West). It is your guess whether the action represents Nawabi chivalry, a rekindled romance or the price for Rosa's silence!

We hear that Saif is helping Rosa to settle down in the city for her second innings here but the problem is that Rosa is not really facing a deluge of offers. So far, she has just grabbed a chat show that revolves around fashion and lifestyle.

"Yes, Saif has bought her a new apartment and is helping her out. She is not quite acquainted with the ways of the city and didn't mind when Saif lent her a helping hand," a friend of Rosa told Mumbai tabloid.

The friend also says Rosa is hurt by the break-up that took place at Saif's behest.

Rosa, who is currently hosting a talk show focused on fashion and lifestyle, has made a beginning in her new life as a single career woman.

"I have shot a few episodes for my show. We are yet to decide on a name for the show," she says.

However, she is looking for more substantial work.

"I'm not getting too much work. But I'm excited that I'm working and earning a living. I'm enjoying my leisure hours as I read a lot and do yoga. I go for swimming and boxing too."

What Rosa is not prepared to elaborate is her arrangement with Saif.

"Yes, I have moved into a new apartment at Andheri. Beyond that, I don't want to answer any questions related to Saif. I'm on my own now."
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