'My Saif is becoming… wow'
Monday, May 07, 2007 16:39 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
/> It was Sharmila Tagore's elder daughter Sabaa's birthday on May Day.

"And our treat for Sabaa's birthday was Saif's new film Tara Rum Pum. I was quite nervous. Having read the reviews, and the media being already determined to make me dislike it, we all went with apprehensions. But I quite liked the film. And I really liked Saif."

The film turned out to be huge treat for the birthday girl.

Laughs the dimpled diva, "Sabaa and I had huge arguments specially about the end of Tara Rum Pum. I thought it could have been different, more bourgerois-friendly.

I wanted Saif and his family in Tara Rum Pum to stay on in the poor community because they found happiness there. But Sabaa fought back and out-argued me. I don't think my family was with me in my Gandhian thoughts."

But the one factor that the whole Pataudi family agrees on is the scion's skills. "Sabaa and we all thought Saif managed to hold his own. You know, in Parineeta and Omkara his performance was helped considerably by the director. But here in Tara Rum Pum he managed to say and do quite a lot on his own."

Sharmila found the subject elitist. "And the concept of poverty here was that the kids couldn't eat burgers. But then Saif does have an upmarket image."

Sharmila reacted favourably to her fellow-Bengali actress. "Rani was good in the second-half. I thought the her pre-marriage scenes weren't very well written. It's very difficult for us here to relate to concept like a blind date. As for Tara Rum Pum being copied from Hollywod films, tell me how many Bollywood films are original?"

Sharmila glows when she speaks on her son. "Saif is becoming...wow! Mash-Allah, his scenes with the children were so full of warmth. I speak as a fellow-actor and now a mother when I say Saif is really growing with every film."

Tell he Saif is evolving as one of Bollywood's finest actors. And Sharmila sighs, "Mash Allah, Please pray for him. And let's hope he stays on the straight-and-narrow path."
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