Not with my Baby, I told Sajid
Monday, May 07, 2007 16:40 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
By Subhash K Jha

Model-turned-actor Himanshu Malik had gone to Sajid Khan for a role. "But I ended up getting an offer for daughter Athena who's all of 7-months old, to play a role," laughs Himanshu who's done films like Tum Bin, LOC and of course Khwahish with those infamous kisses with Ms Sherawat.

Himanshu had known Sajid and his sister Farah for a long time. "Sajid and I are gym buddies. So when I heard he was directing a film I met him. He said he had no role for me. But when he heard I was married with a 7-month baby girl he immediately wanted to meet my daughter Athena,"

Matters were quickly finalized.

"Almost," corrects Himanshu. "Sajid's assistants came to video-test Athena on my birthday October 31. Athena was at her pouty preening best. She was on. They were willing to offer my baby girl more money than I've seen in my entire career as an actor," laughs the proud papa.

Then the deal fell through. "My wife Komal couldn't get away for the dates that Sajid wanted my daughter in Sydney. Sajid was so keen he was even willing to re-adjust the dates when Athena was required.

But Komal who works with L'Oreal just couldn't get away. And she was unwilling to let Athena go with me and the maid servants. Naturally so. How was Athena expected to be a star without her amma?"

Himanshu looks back at the experience with much pride and humour. "Athena must be the youngest actor in the world to be offered a film, that too the title role. I'm sorry it didn't happen. But at least no one can accuse me of nepotism, ha ha."
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