‘King of Comedy’ Govinda is happy to be back
Tuesday, May 08, 2007 12:29 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Govinda, the original 'King of Comedy', has made a comeback to Bollywood with 'Bhagam Bhag' and his critically appreciated role in 'Salam-E-Ishq'. It seems that the industry has once again welcomed this natural actor in Bollywood with open arms.

Naturally, Govinda is thankful to the industry for accepting him after his long absence from work owing to his other political commitments. This had raised speculations about his continuance in Bollywood.

The industry has also acknowledged that Govinda has been at the forefront in bringing comedy to the mainstream and since the genre is doing so well at the box office, it is natural for Govinda to be back again.

Recently, at a comedy award function, SRK acknowledged that comedy was one the most difficult things to do and said that Govinda was the ‘King of Comedy' and he enjoyed watching his films. No mean compliment this!

Despite being an MP, Govinda is all humility personified and in all honesty says, "I'm thankful to the industry, which has accepted me whole heartedly. Though there was a break, I understand that my natural calling is Bollywood. I was getting restless to get back to where I belonged." "I'm open to different kinds of roles that will help me grow as an actor," he added.

Ruminating his association with Bollywood, Govinda says, "Though most of my films did well earlier, I admit that I didn't make some right choices. But right now, I would like to do good quality roles that will challenge me as an actor and help me grow.

Bollywood has changed so much and so many different roles are being written these days that I want to explore these new roles and challenges."

The latest buzz is that Govinda has been inundated with offers. Even national award winning director Aparna Sen is scripting a tailor made role for Govinda in realistic cinema. Therefore, it is natural that Govinda is excited about exploring different kinds of roles.

Not surprising, Govinda is acknowledged in the industry as the most natural actor to grace Bollywood. Even the Big B had acknowledged this, soon after shooting ‘Bade Mian, Chhote Mian' together.

One can almost sense the Govinda Mania sweeping all over again! - (SAMPURN)
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