BB 14: Nishant becomes the first captain; Nikki breaks up with 'fake' friends!
Friday, October 23, 2020 11:00 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Bigg Boss 14, October 22: It's the second week in BB house and it can be finally said that seniors Gauahar Khan, Hina Khan and Sidharth Shukla are gone from the house, the game has now finally begun. The first task of yesterday's house was the captaincy task where Nishant, Rahul, and Jaan are seen strategizing on how to play the game. The first part of the task that happened on October 21, sees Pavitra and Eijaz fighting due to their difference of opinion on whether it was Rubina or Abhinav who came out of the dollhouse last.

The contestants were ready to risk their friendship for the first captaincy task of the house as Jaan and Nishant were seen discussing on how not to make Nikki the captain of the house as she will not be making the right choices. Nishant is seen making strategies with Abhinav, Rahul, Jasmin, and Jaan to not make Nikki the captain of the house. Eijaz and Pavitra stand on their decision and this leads to Bigg Boss taking the call - of eliminating Jasmin and Abhinav's dolls from the captaincy race.

Coming to the task, when Rubina was not being able to pick up her doll, and Rahul left the house second last, then sanchalaks ask him to leave the game. But he disagrees. Sanchalaks then decide that Rubina will be out of the game which disappoints Rubina and Abhinav. The next round sees Rahul and Rubina stay back in the house and refuse to step out of the house with each other's dolls. Rahul is hurt that Nishant picked Jaan's doll and not his, which does not go down well with Rahul. Nikki also instigates Rahul to not leave the dollhouse. Rahul gives up and comes out of the house. The next round sees Rubina out and the final one sees Nishant become the captain.

Nikki gets very disappointing with her friends Jaan, Rahul, and Nishant when all of them choose themselves and not Nikki for the captain of the house. Nikki also announces her decision to break up with her 'fake' friends. Nikki backs out and asks Rubina to be in the game. Emotional Nikki goes on to cross over to the Red Zone and disown her team and says she want to spend time with Pavitra.

So, these were the main highlights of yesterday's episode. The coming episode is going to be super fun as Nikki doesn't come out of the red zone and Nishant will be seen locking her belongings in the BB mall. Stay tuned for all the updates on BB 14.
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