Footfairy Review: A nail-biting thriller which keeps you on the edge of your seat!
Saturday, October 24, 2020 14:27 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Sagarika Ghatgem, Gulshan Devaiah, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Ashish Pathode

Director: Kanishk Verma

Rating: ***

Platform: &Pictures

If you're a big fan of crime-thriller movies, then &Pictures' "Footfairy" is a perfect entertainment source this weekend. It's a story set in Mumbai, a city of dream and land of opportunities, where this psychological crime thriller showcases an intriguing chase between a serial killer with a peculiar fetish and a CBI officer named Vivaan (Gulshan Devaiah). In the serial killer's point of view, the film explores the fugitive's darkest desire for fleeting gratification.

The movie begins with a random girl's dead body that is found in a suitcase near the railway track. But with the same pattern as the earlier murders going on in the city. Yes, it's all done by a psychopath who is obsessed with the feet of girls. Moreover, for his inner satisfaction, he usually kills the ladies who have beautiful feet, so just after choking them with a plastic bag, he brutally whacked their feet with a sharp knife to keep them. There are some films based on psycho-thrillers in Bollywood, but this one has a unique concept. Like who can be that much psycho just for the feet?

Anyway, the film adds some romantic tadka when Vivaan's (Gulshan Devaiah) friend cum junior, Harsh (Ashish Pathode) introduces him to his wife's friend, Devika (Sagarika Ghatgem), who can be seen in a supporting role in the movie. From the general talks with his love interest, Vivaan gets a clue about the criminal, on which the whole investigation takes direction, and the story begins.

As a director, Kanishk Verma has done average work because he has to focus on everyone's part, including editing but the most imperfections you'll see in that section only. At several points, the lightning effects instantly change, and most importantly, the sound impressions are pretty louder to increase the thrill that some of the dialogues are quite unlistenable in the first half. In fact, in some scenes, if you have a habit to notice every detail, then you'll feel some dialogues are also not well-edited because there are some timing gaps in between.

Plus, some dialogues are exaggerated to add some fun interest in the movie, like that 'semen tsunami', but at one point, you might feel like, "stop it now, it's not funny anymore!" Though, the storyline is interesting that can raise your attention till the end and make you curious to know who is the actual 'Footfairy' among various suspects.

Footfairy is a film with an ensemble of praiseworthy actors who have played their parts with exemplary tactics and delicacy. Gulshan Devaiah who plays the character of Vivaan, a CBI officer, shrewdly makes the audience connect to him and indulge in his character. Similarly, Harsh played by Ashish Pathode has an equally strong screen presence in a supporting role. Sagarika Ghatgem also conveniently manages to make the audience love her character as Devika.

Overall, the movie that promises to deliver thrills this weekend, gets successful to keep its promise. Though, there are some flaws that could have been eliminated to make this film perfectly delivered on our screens. Else, with an excellent storyline, it's perfect to spend your weekend with this psycho killer.
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