I am married since two years: Kadambari Kadam
Friday, May 18, 2007 15:35 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
After having portrayed a number of small characters in television, Kadambari Kadam, a Marathi actress, has finally landed the lead role in Teen Bahuraniya. Definitely, she is on cloud nine these days and dreams of achieving higher goals.

Kadambari's first stage appearance was at the tender age of 13 and she has seen the ups and downs of both – theatre as well as television. She recently spoke to us at length about her experiences and future plans. Here is the excerpt.

Q: Tell us something about your role in Teen Bahuraniya...
A: Here I am playing a role of Janki, who is a very simple girl hailing from a very rich family. She has a dream of getting married in a joint family and her dreams come true. So she is very happy and content with life....

Q: Will Janki be sweet all the while or will we see some kind of revolting attitude in her too?
A: As of now she is sweet and quite. However, she raises her voice for truth even now as in the promos of the character with the tag line Sita bhi hai....Durga bhi hai. This means that though I am silent like Sita, I can even fight like Durga. The viewers will now have to wait and watch for the other aspects of Janki's character.

Q: Janki solves tiffs between the young bahus. Will she try to do the same for her elder generation bahus?
A: As of now, I solve the small tiffs occurring between the young bahus and am also fighting for truth. But if I get a chance to solve the problems of the elder ones, I would surely love to do that...

Q: So how much does Kadambari resemble Janki?
A: See, I resemble Janki in a way, as she loves to be quiet and try to make things peaceful. I too love being quite and peaceful and try never to fight, as I hate fighting. Where I don't resemble Janki is that my husband and I live separately and my in-laws don't stay with. Moreover, Janki is a housewife, but Kadambari is a working lady.

Q: Did you have any prior experience in acting?
A: I have done serials like Kehta Hai Dil, Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli, but this is my first serial as a lead. I have even done a movie where I was the leading lady, but unfortunately it is yet to be released. I have also acted in plays and theatre and in many Marathi movies. My first stage appearance was when I was of 3 years and I always dreamt to be an actor. Presently, I am enjoying my dream come true.

Q: So how do you manage your married life with work?
A: I am married since two yrs and my biggest support are my husband and my parents without whom I would not have been here. It is due to my husband's support that I can manage things well....

Q: And how is your rapport with the cast and crew?
A: Everyone is really good, caring and professionally one has to be comfortable with each other so we all have gelled very well together.
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