I've no problems doing hot scenes: Urvashi Sharma
Friday, July 27, 2007 15:38 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
From advertisements and music albums to a heroine in Bollywood. Newcomer Urvashi Sharma has made this transformation successfully. The Naqaab actress has also bagged an eight-film contract with Tips.

An expert at giving interviews now, Urvashi oozes confidence as she talks about her family members and her Naqaab experience.

Q: Now that Naqaab has been released, are you relieved?
A: Yes, I'm being praised so much, viewers have loved my performance, what else can I ask for? I'm happy that I have stood up to the expectations of the producer and the director. Media has also been supportive.

Q: Did you do any homework for your debut Bollywood venture?
A: I did not have to do much for my character in Naqaab. That is because she is very similar to me. I'm also a strong-headed person.

Q: There is scene in the film where you drive a speedboat. Were you scared doing the stunt?
A: No, I was never scared. The crew might have thought that I do not know how to drive a speedboat. But I drive a car in Mumbai and Delhi, and there is hardly any difference between driving a car and a speedboat. I did face a little problem in the beginning but I was never scared.

Q: Tell us a little about your family.
A: My father is a government employee in Delhi and my mother is a housewife. While my father is still there in Delhi because of his work, my sister and my mother have shifted here with me.

I could not complete my studies after B.Sc. second year but I wish to complete it in the future. I have two siblings. The elder one, Sucheta, is a model and my younger sister, Charu, is in seventh standard now.

Q: Did you always want to become an actress?
A: Yes, I always wanted to become an actress. I used to participate in all school and college programmes and enjoyed the attention from the audience. My family has always supported me, but they have also asked me to be honest in whatever I do.

Q: How did you bag your first assignment in Mumbai?
A: I had been doing advertisements since my days in Delhi where I had joined an established advertising company Elite. When I came to Mumbai, I was a bit skeptical as to how I would survive in this city. I needed someone to guide me. I'm thankful to Elite for having helped me bag good advertisements and the eight-film contract with Tips.

Q: Could you tell us about the music videos that you have featured in?
A: I have done three music videos to date. My first album was Deewanapan, which did well. Then I was with Mika in his album Something Something and my last video Doori was with a Pakistani singer.

Q: How comfortable are you with bold scenes in films?
A: If a film requires it and it suits my character, then I have no problem doing any kind of scene.

Q: Both Bobby Deol and Akshay Khanna are experienced actors. How was it working with them?
A: They never made me feel as if I'm a newcomer and always came forward to rehearse the scenes with me. Many a time, Bobby used to walk up to me and say 'My darling, this is not the way to do this scene' and used to help me.

Q: Any particular scene in the movie that you found difficult to enact?
A: No, I did not find any scene difficult. Whatever I did was impromptu and to the best of my capabilities.

Q: Tell us about your upcoming projects.
A: I have an eight-film contract with Tips, the first of which is Naqaab. Then there are two films with Abbas-Mustan which will be made under their banner. I can't tell you any more since it is too early to talk.

Q: Who else do you wish to work with?
A: I'm lucky that the contract with Tips is a flexible one and I can work with other people too. I wish to work with all of them in the industry. Until and unless I do that, I would not know the advantages and disadvantages of working with each of them.

Q: Any dream role?
A: No, I do not wish to create a fixed image for myself. I want producers to meet me with a variety of roles. I do not want them to think that Urvashi is capable of doing only a few kinds of roles.

Q: You said that your elder sister Sucheta is a model?
A: Sucheta is a ramp model. During my modeling days she guided me. Now, since she has also signed a contract with Tips, I would be guiding her. Let me make it clear that there is no competition between us and we share our success with each other.

Q: Have you ever faced rejection?
A: Yes, I had auditioned for the Miss India pageant where I had been rejected. After a year, I bagged the Ponds advertisement where I had to play a Miss India, so that made up for the rejection. After this advertisement I was approached for the Miss India contest but I had already started shooting for Naqaab by then.

Q: Apart from modeling and acting what are your interests?
A: I am a foodie and being a hardcore Punjabi, I love to eat chicken and mutton.

Q: Would you be interested in multi-starrer films?
A: Why not? Even in multi-starrer films, every artiste has his own character which cannot be altered by another. I want to learn from the other actors. Imagine, if I work in a multi-starrer, how much I could learn in just one time.

Q: How important are relationships for you?
A: Very important, in fact it is relationships which stand by you in good, as well as bad times. Relationships built due to monetary reasons are of no value to me.

Q: How would you like to define Urvashi Sharma?
A: Difficult question.... I would like to say just this, 'Urvashi is honest'. Rajnee Gupta
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