Preity Zinta - Burqa Chak De
Saturday, August 18, 2007 15:39 IST
By Subhash K Jha , Santa Banta News Network
/> Preity Zinta is not too pleased about the news of her going to see Chak De India in a burqa.

"I guess the paper found out from the theatre. I HAD to go and see Chak De with a live audience because I wanted to gauge their response. It is a very different kind of film from Yashraj. And just the sort of cinema that takes us ahead. "

What remains unsaid is the fact that anyone who wants to see a Yashraj film has no choice but to troop down to a theatre because Yashraj don't hold premieres.

Exults Preity, "I'm so taken up by Chak De. It's a film that makes you proud to be a part of Indian cinema. And I think Shah Rukh is awesome. What a performance. "

Another current favourite is Rituprano Ghosh. "With his head shaved Ritu-da looks so cute. I simply loved doing Last Lear with him. "

Preity will be joining Ritu to leave for the Toronto Film Festival in September.
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