'I enjoy being a gay icon'
Saturday, August 25, 2007 13:34 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
/> Aryan Vaid says sex as service charges is quite rampant in the enterainment industry. "I've been propositioned by directors and producers. But there was never any force involved.

It was always nicely on the sms or through a subtle pass at a party. All I had to do was say no, and that was it. But yes, today many wannabe models and actors make themselves easily available to designers and film directors. But let me tell you, it's purely by consent."

Aryan enjoys being a gay icon. "Why not? I love the idea of being wanted both by men and women. Whom I want to be with is entirely my choice. The fact that so many gay men are so intelligent and charming makes the gay-fantasy bit flattering. But I've never slept for a role and never will."

Posing in the raw is also out. "But I did shoot for Vick Idnani's calendar where I was almost nude. It got me many requests to go further. But no thanks."

Aryan's relationship with model –actress Anupama Verma is over.

"I'm single again. And there's absolutely no problems with anyone whom I shared that house in Bigg Boss. But yes, it's over between Anupama and me. I've moved on. And so has she."

Aryan is now on the look-out for a nice decent girl to settle down with. "Enough of this footloose stuff. I want a wife to come home to. I want ghar ka khana and that feeling of cosy comfort at home."

Career- wise he's being offered loads of television. Rumour has it that Sony was willing to pay Aryan as much as 60,000 rupees per day for their dithering daily Kajal.

"It's a fact that I was offered an extremely decent sum for Kaal. Let's just say, the money was tempting. But I don't want to do fiction on television. Hosting a show is fine. Otherwise tv is still cinema's poor cousin."

In the movies Aryan plays the main antagonist in Anil Sharma's Apne. "For this role I had to train in kickboxing for weeks. And I've the injury marks to prove it," laughs Aryan.

"I was trained first by an Indian trainer and then a couple of Australian trainers including a woman named Amanda who kicked so hard I feared for certain delicate parts of my body."

Aryan is pitched against the Deol brothers Sunny and Bobby in Apne.

"It's good to have real men fighting aginst you," says Aryan who's trying hard to get over his broken heart. "I want to forget what happened. And I am trying my best. If you see me partying hard these days, you know why."
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