For the love of sport
Wednesday, September 05, 2007 15:11 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
All these years, sports was never considered a profitable theme for Bollywood movies. Now that "Chak De... India" has shown the way, there would be more such projects making a beeline for the box-office. The first in the queue is "Goal", promos of which are already on the air. The film is based on football.

Add to that, some of our actors too are such ardent sports lovers that they turn the sets into a cricket pitch everytime they take a small break from shooting. Had Bollywood not beckoned, Kunal Khemu and Rajpal Yadav would have surely tried their luck in professional cricket.

During the shooting of "Dhol", Kunal always carried a complete cricket kit in the dicky of his car. Chuckles Kunal: "It was such fun. Whenever we had a break, Rajpal and I would pull out the cricket kit and have an improvised game. On many occasions, Priyamji would also join us."

Now until and unless they truly love the game, would the actors play cricket and sweat out just after a hectic shooting schedule? Surely not.
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