Nanhe Jaisalmer
Monday, September 17, 2007 13:11 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
/> Written & Directed by Samir Karnik
Rating: ** ½

34 years ago a remarkable debutante named Jaya Bhaduri bunked school to get Dharmendra's autograph in Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Guddi.

2007. Young Dwij Yadav who's a bundle of over-ripe adult expressions packaged in the cutest turban on this side of Jimmy Mistry's Guru, is also a diehard fan...of Dharmendra's son Bobby Deol.

One can't help but notice the cool-quotient that the Junior has inherited from the Senior Deol. Like Dhramendra Paaji, Bobby Beta creates an aura of accessibility.

Yes, this is one star capable of forming a bonding with a fan. Bobby's scenes with that dynamo Dwij don't looked faked or forced. Beta late than never

Nanhe Jaisalmer is a crisp, minty and somewhat audacious attempt to portray a friendship between two people separated by aeons of culture and class status. The script leaves elbowroom for plenty of interactive synergy between the two protagonists.

From casual camel rides to Himesh Reshammiya's songs which fill the desert air with the aroma of cinematic liberation, Nanhe... has a warm lived-in endearing feel to it. You can't help warming up to the friendship between these two unlikely companions in the desert.

The sands of Jaisalmer are shot by Binod Pradhan as compressed catalysts serving as a mute but eloquent witness to the burgeoning friendship between star and fan.

Is a friendship between a star and his admirer really possible? While Hrishida's Guddi dodged the question by simply making Dharmendra a humane figure representing a specific morality rather than a profession, Bobby is given space to reveal how a star, if given a chance can open up to a fan.

The inhibitions, if any, come from the other side. When the fan is as confident of his interactive space as young Dwij sparks fly between the star and the 'common' friend. Questions of child literacy and also the wages of cultural and emotional isolation are brought into play without burdening the narrative with unwanted issues.

Like the other release this week Aggar, Nanhe... too ends with a shocking twist which takes away some of the flavour fervour and virginal flamboyance of the Deol-Dwij bonding.

But their dosti is fun while it lasts. It reminded me Amitabh Bachchan and Sweeny Khare in Cheeni Kum.

Kabhi kabhi Nanhe Jaisalmer mein cheeni zyada ho jata hai. But the brew has a decent and positive flavour to it.
Nanhe Jaisalmer
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