Marriage? No chance:Priyanka
Monday, October 15, 2007 14:18 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
/> It isn't for nothing that Priyanka calls herself a klutz. After injuring herself doing an intricate stunt for Drona in Mumbai, Priyanka has disregarded the doctors' diktat and done it again.

"The doctors had told me to let the pulled muscle in my abs heal for at least six weeks. But last week I was doing a stunt scene here in Namibia, the abs got wounded again. I can't do anything about it. Because the action scenes scheduled for Namibia have to be shot, come what may."

Priyanka is on pain killers and injections even as she continues to shoot her scenes. "Fortunately my mother is with me and she's looking after me quite well. Her being a doctor helps. I've no choice but to do my stunts through the injury. Once I get back to Mumbai I can let it heal.

As for signing Madhur Bhandarkar's Fashion, "The details including my dates have yet to be figured out. But yes. I'm on. Though I'm not sure when."

Apparently the dates for Fashion have to be co-ordinated with Karan Johar's production which starts in March.

About that Karan Johar film Priyanka says, "I'm really glad I'm finally working with Karan.It's a fun-filled young romantic comedy. I'm paired with Abhishek and John. It's always a pleasure working with these two guys. They are a barrel fun of fun. In fact I'm shooting with Abhishek now. It's a desert. But it's freezing."

So what does the 25-year old Priyanka aspire to do with her life? "Just work work work.... Marriage? No chance for a long while. Psychologically I'm still 16."
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