Inspector Salim follows ACP Rathore into virtual world
Thursday, October 18, 2007 14:08 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
When his boss ACP Rathod has launched his own website, could inspector Salim be far behind? No, we are not talking about cops getting Net-savvy but about actors of the hit film "Sarfarosh" --- Aamir Khan and Mukesh Rishi who played the characters of ACP Rathod and Salim, respectively.

Only recently, Aamir Khan has launched his personal website. Now, Mukhesh Rishi is all set to follow suit.

Mukesh has recently completed his Platinum Jubilee in Hindi cinema and Silver Jubilee down South. He keeps hopping between Mumbai and Hyderabad quite often for his shoots.

After having gained huge popularity in the South as a Grade A artiste, Mukesh is all set to create a new image in Bollywood too. He still keeps getting e-mails from fans for his portrayal of the popular role of inspector Salim in John Mathew Matthan's debut film "Sarfarosh" and the role of Gajendra in superhit "Bandhan".

Mukesh was recently spotted sitting in the lobby of Hotel Marriot in Mumbai replying to such e-mails on his laptop. He was also seen with a renowned film-maker. When asked about the meeting, the shy actor's smile hinted that he had just grabbed a big role.

Mukesh was overheard that he is no longer interested in melodramatic villainous roles. This role that the renowned film-maker had offered him would take him to the big league, as the film-maker in question works "only with big stars".

The role is reportedly a strong character role, on the lines of the kind that screen bad-man Pran started doing after Manoj Kumar's film "Upkar".

Incidentally, Mukesh is a huge fan of Pran. He feels sorry that the veteran actor has not so far been considered for the Dada Saheb Phalke Award. Mukesh is of the opinion that actors like Pransaab should get such awards in their lifetime itself. It is no use awarding someone when he/she is no more to celebrate it with near and dear ones, he feels.

As for Mukesh's website, which he plans to dedicate to his fans, it would be ready by the end of next month. Great going, Mukesh!
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