Salman thinks I am not his friend
Wednesday, November 07, 2007 12:38 IST
By Subhash K Jha , Santa Banta News Network
/> Kangana is slightly tired and disappointed. Tired, because professionally and personally 2007 has been a grueling year.

....And disappointed because he won't be able to move into her dream house with her parents for Diwali as she had planned.

"It's not ready as yet. It'll now have to be by the end of November.I don't want rush it after waiting so long,"she sighs.

Priyanka Chopra can heave a sigh of relief.

All her marathon movies of 2006 are about to finish. She's currently shooting for the final lap of Rumi Jaffrey's long-delayed comedy God, Tussi Great Ho.

"Drona and Love Story 2050 had huge amounts of action and special effects. So they took much longer than usual. They've turned out fab.They'll be over by December. So too God Tussi Great Ho. There's just one more song with Mr Bachchan, and then we're done," Priyanka is over the moon.

God, Tussi ..... would probably be her last film with Salman Khan considering his comments on Priyanka.

She laughs. "Yeah, I heard Salman thinks I'm not his friend. That's all right. One can't hold anything against Salman. He's too cool a guy. I'm sure he was just kidding around when he said that. Even if he wasn't I'm fine with him. I've no problems with any of my co-stars."

2006 hasn't been an easy year for her personally or professionally....her father's illness, legal trouble with her former secretary, delayed projects, injury during stunt scenes.

Priyanka is gung-ho. " I guess I've the capacity to emerge on top of a situation, thank God for that. God, tussi great ho! "

She now starts preparing for her two films in 2008. "First I go into Madhuar Bhandarkar's Fashion. Then into Karan Johar's film directed by Tarun Mansukhani. For Fashion I need to sit down with Madhur and work out a graph for the character and a look."

Priyanka is delighted that Kangana is going to be in Fashion. 'The role is so suited to Kangana. I'm so glad she's doing it. She's immensely talented."
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