Now Shahid steals Saif's ex-girlfriend
Friday, January 18, 2008 15:42 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Shahid Kapoor is so over Kareena. Reams are being written about the potential girls who can fill the void in Shahid's life. So who is the new girl... Amrita, Sania Mirza or Vidya Balan?

Sorry to disappoint you, but none of the above. Instead, we saw him with Rozza Katallano, Saif Ali Khan's ex- girlfriend, at a coffee shop of a suburban five-star where the two were engaged in a deep conversation.

This is not the first time that Shahid was spotted spending time with the Italian model Rozza. It may be recalled that Shahid had chosen to ignore the rumours of Bebo's closeness with Saif, but later, Rozza was the one who confirmed that it was indeed true.

Consequently, Shahid and Rozza became very good friends and have been constantly in touch with each other.

Ask Shahid if he is ready to mingle again and he tells, "Yes, I'm also hearing all these stories about me. Sometime, I'm caught watching movie with Amrita or having coffee with someone. I think, I will have to get a girl friend very soon."

So is he ready to fall in love again? "Absolutely," he gushes and adds, "It's a lovely feeling to be loved cared by someone. I'm sure something will happen soon, I can sense it. I will find love again.

After her split with Saif, Rozza has been frequently seen in the party circuit, she was also linked with Vivek Oberoi. According to sources close to Rozza she is now staying with a friend in Andheri and hunting for an apartment.
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