I wanted to do something better than bhojpuri: Rashmi Desai
Monday, February 04, 2008 16:22 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Nikki or Pari but Rashmi is really very much into both the characters. And she loves it. We thought to disturb her a little bit from her busy schedule. Here is an excerpt.

1. The show is only four days old, how are you feeling?
A: Right now I have mixed feelings. I am feeling really excited than nervous. I am expecting everything to turn out positive. But at the same time I am scared too.

2. Who do you like the most, Nikki or Pari?
A: I like Nikki. Nikki can do anything and she is very bubbly. But Pari has certain limitations as she is a star. I like Nikki for her simple and innocent living.

3. Isn't it difficult to switch on and off between the two characters?
A: It is really very difficult to do especially when both are to be played on the same day.

4. How you got the opportunity to work with B.R.Films?
A: I have done couple of bhojpuri films. But I wanted to do something better than bhojpuri so I thought to give Indian Television a try. Then one day I got a call from B.R.Films for the auditions, there I gave my best. They were happy with my auditions and I became Pari and Nikki.

5. So are you enjoying?
A: Of Course I am enjoying hell a lot. I love Nikki and Pari.

6. Have you done any serial before?
A: Yes I did ‘Ravan' before. I played Ravan's wife there. I wanted to see how Indian Television works.

7. How is Rashmi in real life?
A: Rashmi is 70% Nikki and 30% Pari. I am really chulbuli and naughty by nature.

8. Is this serial going to follow story of great films like ‘seeta aur geeta' and ‘chaalbaaz'?
A: No-no it's very much different from the two. Unlike the two films they are not duplicates but look-alikes. And here our main focus is to motivate those people who are like Nikki. We want them to tell that whatever you dream can become true.

9. Were you always interested in acting?
A: Actually I never thought of acting. I always thought of becoming doctor or air-hostess. And let me tell you the story of Nikki is somewhat like my life. Everything fell into my lap without expectations.

It all started when I was learning classical dance. My guru told me about a bhojpuri film. I went there and met the people. That is how I got the opportunity.

10. Whom you get along very well on the sets?
A: Apart from my mom and bhabhi I get along well with Upasna, who is my mami on-screen. On-screen she hits me but as soon the camera is shut she really take care of me just like my mom.

11. What are your future plans?
A: As of now I want to concentrate on Pari Hoon Main only. Mat be after this serial I will try in films.

12. What you do in free time?
A: I like to listen music, go out with my friends and family, shopping etc. but now its very rare I get free time.

13. One reason why should people watch this serial?
A: Its not that they should watch, but if they want they should. We all have done lot of hard work and we want to make sure that audience is getting entertained in half an hour.
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