I was so bloody embarrassed I could not recognize Matt Damon
Wednesday, February 13, 2008 13:26 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
/> Close on the heels of his triumphant gig in Toronto on 12 Jan with rapper Wyclef Jean,Aadesh Shrivastava is all set to perform live with Wyclef at the prestigious House Of Blues in West Hollywood on 8 February.

No Indian artiste has ever performed at this venue reserved for blues and folk music.

The theme of this historic evening would be 'Hollywood Meets Bollywood'. Gearing up for his glorious gig, Aadesh plans to jam with Wyclef on stage.Pop icon Shakira's drummer will be accompanying Aadesh and Wyclef.

"The first gig on 8 February is already sold out They had to add another gig for Feb 10. I'll make Wyclef perform some Bhangra and Indian folk music. The idea is not to ape the western pop icons but to take our Indian music.

It's the only way we can make an impact out West. We can never try to be one of them. I tried to sing some songs in English for an international audience and ended up sounding silly.

I'll be proudly taking our Punjabi music to The House Of Blues, and I'll make sure it registers with the foreigners," says Aadesh who's all set to mix symphonies and ragas for Uru Patel's ambitious international epic Hanuman.

During his show in Toronto last month Aadesh spent an interesting evening with Bourne Identity star Matt Damon.

"He was our anchor for the evening and I didn't know who he was. I don't watch too many Hollywood films," recounts Aadesh sheepishly.

"After the show Matt came over to compliment me for our music. He really likes the Bhangra grooves. I paid a compliment back to him by saying he was the best anchor I had ever worked with. Matt looked at me as if I was joking. But graciously accepted my compliment."

It was then that Aadesh was informed about the real vocation of the evening's star-anchor.

"I was so bloody embarrassed. I decided there and then to return home and get DVDs of Goodwill Hunting and Bourne Identity. But I was bowled over by Matt's sporting spirit.

In India if one fails to recognize a big star he or she gets so pissed off. Not only did Matt laugh about my ignorance, he said he enjoyed it. We spent the whole evening discussing Bollywood and Indian music."
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