I never go to any temple: Rameshwari
Thursday, April 24, 2008 12:57 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Despite the fact that Indian film industry has always been running behind glamour, there are few names, in Bollywood, who have proved their own existence with their simplicity. And in that list, one name, which is hard to be forgotten, is that of Rameshwari, who has never given any importance to glamour.

In the period, while glamour was the most hyped issue in Bollywood, she entered the industry with her elegance being wrapped in simplicity. Rameshwari, being asked to reason the matter, explains, "There is nothing like that. It's just my personality.

I am from the family of Gandhian's. In my childhood, I used to get bashing from my father for just putting nail polish. I don't even remember till when I had not worn even an ear-ring. And you will be surprised to know that till the age of 10 I had only worn Khadi.

But, it's not that we were confined in any which ways possible. We were absolutely free.

After 10 years, my father felt that my mother bought us good clothes behind his back, since, she only used to keep all the money and when he felt that we must be craving for those clothes, he gave us total freedom in everything."

"I am a daughter of such a man who embedded the simplicity within us so easily. Even today, it takes just 5 minutes for me to get ready", an exuberantly nostalgic Rameshwari adds further.

Has your simplicity had ever created any problem for you? "Oh definitely, it has", promptly replies Rameshwari, "When I entered this industry, there were people who had major problems with my simplicity.

And there were few of them, who said on my face that I will never get any film just because of my simplicity. I accept that I could not really make my name big in the industry but I do not have any regrets.

Every artist has his or her own audience. Even though, Rameshwari would not make it big, as she herself claims, but she definitely has made her perpetual mark in her own way and created an audience for her. And that audience still watches her film with same interest.

You never got inclined to get into the rat-race of glamour like so many other people? Rameshwari smiles saying, "I hate to look like somebody else. I want to look different for my audience.

I have always been an independent person. I have always tried that my identity should not be lost in the role I am playing." Getting a bit emotional, the veteran actress adds, "I believe that I am like this only, and that is not because of any ego or attitude.

If I would have got any glamorous role I would have definitely done that, too. I would have done justice with the role also. I remember, I did one film called "Mera Rakshak", in which I looked pretty glamorous. But after that they never liked me, since they felt why she asks so many questions.

Truly, I personally did not like that film. The film starts with a scene where I am bashing the villain, as because he touched me. And after four scenes, all of a sudden, I start dancing funnily. I objected for this, since, I found it meaningless.

But they didn't understood what I was trying to say. They felt I am throwing tantrums like most of the producers usually think. I tried my level best to make them understand my point of view, but, unfortunately they never understood.

Actually, the story was about a woman who fought a court case for her husband. Albeit the film did well at box-office, it would be a hit even without that worthless dance."

Fans remember Rameshwari not only for her simplicity but also for devotional faith. We ask her if she really is very religious.

On this, she, unveiling the truth, says, "I am spiritual but not religious. In a film "Dulhan Wohi Jo Piya Man Bhaye" I was supposed to sing a Bhajan with devotional expressions. Believe it or not, I had to rehearse so much to portray the scene.

I wanted to give that calm and devotional feeling on my face, because, that was never there in me. Same thing I had to do in the film "Sharda" also." Saying so Rameshwari takes a pause of laughter and controlling herself she adds, "I know lots of people are under the impression that I am very devotional woman.

I remember, once I was on the sets and during a break my director came to me and told me that there is a very famous temple here, if I feel, I can go there. I simply burst in laughter and told him that I never go to any temple".

When asked, if she takes these changes as positive or negative, she describes the changes as more negative. But she also believes that there is a positive change in the attitude of the actors and actresses.

She further says, "These young people really want to become good artists, and for that they are ready to put in whatever extra hours required. Time is not a matter for them.

At the same time, they know exactly how to ask for money also. They have come to the industry after learning the professionalism". Rameshwari feels good about that positive change in the industry.

How come you restrict yourself only to television? Rameshwari overcomes awkwardness with her simple frankness and says, "Nobody approached me for films.

In the meantime, though I was not very keen, I acted in one South film, after which I got many offers but my mother fell sick and the gap came in between. After that Yashji offered me a role in his film "Bunty Aur Babli".

I actually liked that character a lot and agreed on it. In that film I am playing Abhishek's mother. Though I had very few scenes in the film, most people remember the character.

According to me, if the director is clear in his thoughts then even the smallest character can be highlighted very well".

These days Rameshwari is involved with Television show, "Babul Ka Angan Choote Naa", where she feels that she is playing a very ordinary role. Rameshwari believes that no character is ordinary or extra ordinary.

Lot of things depends on the performer. How that person does justice with the role is all that matters.

In that way she considers Ekta Kapoor as a Queen of not only of television but also of characterization as because she knows the level she can extract from the characters.

Has Rameshwari received any offer from Ekta Kapoor? The obvious yet abrupt intrusion probably awakens the actress in Rameshwari. She smiles a bit and says that she has received a call and has agreed also but is still in gloom about the confirming call from their end!
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