I can't have sex with someone I don't Love: Priyanka Chopra
Tuesday, June 10, 2008 12:09 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Q. Your man will be from?
A. I myself do not know whether he exists or not! (Laughs) Please find him out for me and do let me know.

Q. That means you are not on a look-out!
A. No, I have no time right now as I am concentrating on my career. I will think when the time comes.

Q. Any particular image of your man?
A. A man who knows how to live with all the shortcomings keeping in mind the ethical values of society.

Q. How would he be? Man with Brain or Brawn!
A. Obviously, with Brain.

Q. Bearded or clean-shaven?
A. Clean-shaven, please.

Q. Would he be a metrosexual man?
A. That's his wish. But, yes, he should live within the norms and ways of society. I have no such intentions of getting inclined to a metrosexual man.

Q. And what if he is a bisexual?
A. The very thought of sharing my beloved with anybody else irritates me. I will definitely leave him.

Q. Can you love one, and have sex with another?
A. Never, I can never ever dream about it!
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