Shilpa and Shamita shock everyone
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 12:00 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
It's just a few days that Dharamji da puttar Sunny exploded with the news of getting backed by frontline directors as his assistants in his forthcoming ‘debut' film as director. Now it's turn for Shilpa and Shamita to shock people with their freaky announcement.

It's after the big jalwa of Big Brother that Shipa almost evaporated from the B-market. And about Shamita, well, better we don't spend words on her tiny career.

But guess what the two sisters were cooking all these mundane days? No, not even the wildest of your guesses can touch the nearest of the Shetty sisters' thought zone.

They are planning to explore the field of film production. Yes, that's how coolly they opened mouth explaining such Bollywood shaking information.

"Yes, we are coming out with our own production house probably by next year. It's still in the planning stage, " soft goes Shamita. That means Shetty sisters will no more ask for money, instead they will pay the Bollywood!

Reasoning about her absence from the screen for so long, the choti Shetty further adds, "This is also a reason why you are not seeing much of me on screen. Right now I am concentrating more on my production project."

The actress has just completed her item number for Hari Puttar but she seems very cool about the dance number. It's probably because she is still lost in thoughts of dictating whole crew of her upcoming flicks.

Or maybe she is feeling very nostalgic about her acting career which never paid her the kismet she dreamed about.

Well, we only can wish best of luck for an upcoming producer duo. Or should we farewell actor sisters? Anyways, forget it!
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