Jade wants to battle cancer for her kids` sake
Saturday, August 23, 2008 10:56 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Celebrity Jade Goody, back from India after being diagnosed with cancer, fears she may never live to watch her two sons grow up.

Talking exclusively to The Sun, Goody broke down admitting: "I am fighting for my life."

She is now interested in her children's future. She is preparing herself to tell Bobbie, 5, and Freddie, 3, of her health.

"Bizarrely, I want to take the boys to a third world country to make them appreciate what they have. I'd like them to see how lucky they are to have so much compared to some.

I'm so desperate to see them but I know I won't be able to stop the tears flowing and they are both sensitive little boys and it will only distress them."

She wants to battle the disease if that's the last thing she does: "At the end of the day I am going to bloody beat this thing because I've got two amazing kids to live for. And there's no way I'm gonna let them down."

Goody cancelled her India visit, where she was to appear on actress Shilpa Shetty's Big Boss show, after she was told she had cancer. A large tumour in her womb may have spread to her blood stream - putting major organs such as her liver and kidneys at risk. She will undergo a hysterectomy next week.

She recalled the moment in Mumbai when she received a telephone from her doctor. "The blood drained from me as my doctor said, 'We have looked again at your biopsy, and there are severe abnormalities. You need to fly home immediately'.

"I looked at the phone in disbelief as he said, 'You have cancer, Jade, it's real and it's serious'. I collapsed to the floor, thinking, 'My boys. Oh my God, I'm going to die'."

Her consultant, Dr. Ann Coxon, said: "She has serious second stage cancer and needs surgery as soon as possible. The cancer is in an advanced stage and was diagnosed in the nick of time. The bottom line is, if she'd stayed in India for the next three months, she wouldn't be here."

Jade shockingly revealed that four previous tests to detect cervical cancer revealed pre-cancerous cells in her womb - but she was given the all-clear. "Always the medics told me there was nothing to worry about. I feared I was becoming a hypochondriac."

But then three weeks ago Jade collapsed at home. Paramedics rushed the star to Princess Alexandra Hospital in Essex, where she stayed almost a week.

Jade recalled: "The doctors still insisted they couldn't find anything wrong with me, so I insisted on an ultrasound scan. But nothing showed up. I just got on with my life.

I thought about cancelling the Big Brother India trip. But they had offered me £100, 000, which will go towards bringing up my kids. People think I'm a multi-millionaire from telly, which couldn't be further from the truth."
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