I want Yuvraj to take revenge for all injustice done to me: Yograj Singh
Thursday, September 04, 2008 17:10 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Yograj Singh, father of celebrated cricketer Yuvraj Singh is trying his luck in the Hindi television industry with a new Hindi serial on Colors – Mohe Rang De, after a successful stint in the Punjabi film industry.

He is currently shuttling between Chandigarh and Mumbai and spending two weeks in a month in each city to ensure the right balance. He took time of his busy schedule to speak about his entry into Hindi serials, his passion and relation with son Yuvraj. Excerpts from the interview.

What made you decide to venture into Hindi serials?
I have acted in more than 100 films in Punjab and wanted to do something with Hindi serials. Though I have done a Hindi film with Jeetendra and Rekha called Insaaf Ki Devi earlier, I have never acted in a Hindi serial.

So when Deepti Bhatnagar (producer of the serial) personally requested me to do Mohe Rang De there was no way I could refuse. The role I am playing in the serial is also very significant and close to my real self.

And last but not the least, Deepti's in laws are very close friends of mine, so that made me more inclined towards this serial.

Tell us something about your role in Mohe Rang De.
I play Kulbhushan, father of Rajbeer (the male lead of the serial).

Kulbhushan is very close to a dictator and wants things done his way and nothing else is acceptable. He couldn't study much and started a business of dry fruits at a very young age. The story deals with how he makes it big in life and does things his way throughout.

However, there is a softer side to him as well – particularly his sense of humour. But whatever Kulbhushan does, he conveys a very positive message.

You started your career as a cricketer. Why did you move to films?
It is a very sad story and I still feel bad about it. I had an injury while playing and because of that I was forced to retire from international cricket. There was lot of politics involved and it became a very murky situation.

However, cricket still is my first love. I eat, sleep and dream cricket. I run a cricket academy in Chandigarh and that is why I spend two weeks in a month there. Life without cricket is not possible for me.

But you have not had a very good relation with Yuvi...
Yes. We had some differences but all that is sorted out now. We are very close to each other now. He is fulfilling the dreams I had in cricket. I want Yuvraj to be a legend in the cricketing world and take revenge for all the injustice that has been done to me in the world of cricket.

Is it true that your younger son Zorawar is entering Bollywood?
Yes. I don't want Yuvraj to venture into acting before he retires from cricket. But I want Zorawar to make a mark in the film industry and as such he is currently undergoing a training course at Kishore Namit Kapoor's acting school. My life is a mix of cricket and acting – I want my sons to become great cricketers and actors.

Your life seems to be full of events. What else is happening?
I am keeping extremely busy with a couple of films and Mohe Rang De. God has given me a new life with these opportunities. At my age, I have completed my responsibilities as a son, wife and father and now I am doing what my hearts wants me to.
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