Suzanne in Aamir`s Life?
Saturday, December 21, 2002 16:18 IST
By Santa Banta News Network

The year 2002 has been a paradoxical year for Aamir Khan. International acclaim with Lagaan being nominated for the Oscars was offset by offers in international projects. But this glory was dimmed, by the crumbling of his marriage of more than 15 years, with Reena Dutta and the filing of the divorce papers.

Some insisted that it was actress Preity Zinta, who was the immediate cause of the Reena-Aamir separation, many insisted that it was the Khan`s cosy rapport with hair-stylist Avan Contractor which had led the couple to splitsville. But there are a bunch of insiders who swear that it is the returning of Khan`s childhood love, model Suzanne Sablok, which has precipitated the divorce proceedings. Suzanne, reportedly had snubbed a wannabe Aamir years ago.

The lady, who recently returned from Australia after her marriage with Rajesh Pillai failed, has allegedly picked up the romance from where it was terminated. A flashback at Aamir`s love life and a potential film script can be guaged. A runaway marriage with neighbour Reena Dutta, unfathomable fame, innumerable flirtations and the returning into the arms of a childhhod love...truly melodramatic.

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