Bas Yun Hi
Saturday, January 25, 2003 15:20 IST
By Santa Banta News Network

Nandita Das is going masala way. Surprisingly, she signed a film with no big actors. The cast consists of her, newcomer Purab Kohli and other newcomers. The music director, director, and lyricist are newbies also: Rajeev-Merlin, Raja Menon, and Subbu  respectively. The songs are all pop-ish numbers, but are still quite catchy and sleeper hit material.

The title song, "Bas Yun Hi", has a popish beat that is very grabbing. The singing of KK continues to impress, and brings a freshness to the song, which has been lacking in most of the music of 2002. As with current tradition, there is a remix of the song at the end of the album that is sung by Abhay Rumbe.

"Ek Ajanbee" is a rehash of an old RD Burman song, and KK does a great job soulfully singing it. The music has a mix of western and classical Indian music. Subhu's lyrics add to the soul of the song. Shaan gets the next song, "Kaise Kahoon", which has a Spanish influence that rules the medium-paced beats and the rhythm of the song. Shaan does a good job with the song, although the song doesn't live up to the previous two.

The next two renditions are slow, romantic songs sung by KK and Mahalaxmi. The first being "Yeh Kaisa Pyaas", which has a classical Indian base with addition of western music and instruments. The song treats the ears with ease. "Jao Na" has more of a western base, and sounds a little bit like the Celine Dion favorite from Titanic, "My Heart Will Go On".

"Ittefaq" uses too many vocal modifications from the computer. Mehnaz sings the song, but I couldn't tell you how she sings the song because her voice is stretched, raised, lowered and computerized at all the right points. Personally, I can't stand listening to a song that is so artificial.

"Bop Re Bop" is in all ways an instrumental track, although the credits are given to Vivenne Pocha for singing the song. Furthermore, the music is borrowed from Western influences. Well, for a relatively unknown music director, this album is an excellent start. Although the album is no Devdas or Saathiya but if advertisement of the movie was right, and with the right cast, these songs could do very well. If the movie turns out to be good, the movie as well as the songs will be more appreciated by the audience.

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