Saturday, April 19, 2003 13:45 IST
By Santa Banta News Network

Bhoot is one of the better musical work Ramu has ever given us in his career. Though the name sounds a bit inappropriate for a music album but the music doesn't disappoint you at all. Bhoot is class aprt from shoddy Horror flicks, which are currently hogging the Bollywood. Ramu has finally been able to create a soundtrack for his film and actually still be able to say, "my film has no songs". Salim-Sulemain (Moksha), Anand Raj Anand, Amar Mohile (Road, Om) and Bapi-Tutil have composed the music of the film.

The songs for the film are filmed in videos featuring the singers, etc. but will not be incorporated in the film as such. The first one to hit the screen is  "Bhoot Hoon Main" featuring Sunidhi Chauhan. The lyrics are by Lalit Marathe, a newcomer, and full credit goes to his unsual writing. Salim Merchant and Vijay Prakash are the people behind the haunting chorus because there are no male interludes in the song.

Gayatri Iyer sings "Yeh Sard" written by Praveen Bhardwaj and composed by Anand Raj Anand who (awkwardly) sings the large portion of the song too.Water drops and violins interspersed throughout the track are pleasing, Gayatri does well in her rendition and this track is picturized in promos featured on Urmila and Ajay Devgan who have just bought a new home and are having trouble living happily in it. A very boring instrumental of this song concludes the album later on.

Asha Bhosle sings the next scary number "Bhoot Hain Yahan Koi" written by Jaideep Sahni. Her voice has been altered to scare and it does. Amar Mohile's music is impressive. It is laced with a variety of American horror tunes perfectly describing moods and laying the foundation for the screams. Gayatri Iyer's rendition follows later in the soundtrack, and though she does add her own twist to it, it is hard to find the difference.

Penned by Sandeep Nath, "Din Hai Na Ye Raat" is an enticing song. It's haunting, excellently orchestrated song with a mellifluent chorus. Bapi-Tutil have composed the song and ramu has picturized it on singers Usha Uthup and Pervez Qadir. The next track "Ghor Andhere" sounds like (or even better) than several Hollywood themes. Sunidhi Chauhan, Salim Merchant, Clinton Cerejo and Vijay Prakash render it. The male vocals that provide the dialogue are effective. The lyricist for the theme is Mahathi Prakash and it is composed by Salim-Sulemain  who have clearly proven the forte in theme pieces .

The other theme track, "Dead But Not Asleep" is most simply an instrumental to "Bhoot Hai Yahan Koi", which is why Asha Bhosle has been accredited under the vocals. Amar Mohile has composed the music for the short but interesting theme track. Finally, the remix to "Bhoot Hoon Main" is worth mentioning on its own because it is certainly better than the original. All in all Bhoot is a good buy as it provide you the break from regular mushy music of Bollywood.

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