Sonali: Sex still sells !
Wednesday, May 07, 2003 12:02 IST
By Santa Banta News Network

Move over shy ones, new age cinema is here. There was a time when Hindi film heroines refused to show skin on screen. Today, Bollywood actresses seem far more open to the idea of playing roles beyond the single, virginal coquette. This is the observation of none other than 'Amchi Mulgi' Sonali. "Coming from a modelling background, Bipasha if far more comfortable exposing on screen and that is not good news for the troika", she quips.

She herself is looking to maker fuller use of her hourglass figure after a string of box office failures and disastrous flirtation with the small screen. In fact stars requiring fuller wardrobe are likely to find themselves out of work soon, says Bendre. She insists "no actress today can afford to jeopardise her career by refusing to expose. And the change is showing. While Rani has already decided to reinvent herself in a bolder avtaar, Preity and Kareena could also follow suit." Even Bebo admits it could be time to set inhibitions aside. "Given the choice, I would not want to start a trend where every actress is forced to push the boundaries a little further.

But if that is what the audiences want, I am sure none of us would want to be left behind", says Kareena in response to the threat from the model brigade. The demand for more skin is not likely to leave any actress untouched, says Bendre. According to her: "Preity, Rani and Kareena will not be the only ones affected. And balming Bipasha or Isha (Kopikar) for letting the demons lose, is not going to help. The question no longer is to expose or not to expose, but how to do it in a manner that has audiences coming back for more".

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