Bobby Deol
Friday, May 30, 2003 13:08 IST
By Santa Banta News Network

Shy Bobby Deol eludes jackpot

Bobby Deol is trying hard to hit the jackpot but every time he falls flat. Backed by his super star father Dharmendra and considerably successful elder brother Sunny Deol, Bobby has not succeeded in reaching the upper cast line of the Bollywood. With Twinkle Khanna, he initiated his romantic image journey in "Barsaat" and with "Soldier" he turned around to an action-hero. Though, always respectfully away from spicy Bollywood gossip, Bobby could not benefit even from big banner movies. And, now he is learning to peck on his heroines. Excerpts from an interview:

Q. You had made tall claims before the release of "Ashiq" and "Ajnabee" but the two did not do well. Why?
Ans. Yes, I had great hopes on the two movies. Accomplished persons like Inder Kumar and Abbas Mastan directed both the pictures. My role in these movies was very good but I do not know why they did not do well.

Q. Don't you think that your lead role in such movies is affecting your career growth?
Ans. I don't think that my career is being affected but surely I am personally impacted adversely by such movies. I try to forget about the unsuccessful movies and attempt re-focussing on news ones with greater labour and effort. I know that I need to keep patience and work hard constantly to hit the upper cast-line of Bollywood.

Q. But, they say luck matters more than hard work in Bollywood?
Ans. Luck does play an important role in everybody's life. But then you can sit at home hoping that you will get a lifetime role somewhere. To put things on screen, one has to work hard. Think of Nargis and her "Mother India." Had she not worked hard, she would not have been remembered for that role. In Mugal-e-Azam, had Mr Prithvi Raj Kapoor not laboured hard the results would have been different.

Q. It is essential to maintain friendly relations with colleagues to succeed. But, you seem to be lacking in keeping your heroines in good humour. Why?
Ans. All know, I am a shy person. I did not know how be befriend heroines. But with passage of time I have picked up on this art too. Now, Rani Mukherjee, Urmila, Raveena and Karishma – all are my good friends...I have learnt to be an Ashiq (chuckles).

Q. But, still you seem moving alone in Bollywood...somewhat isolated?
Ans. In fact, I have learnt it well that in Bollywood no one is your friend. People here become friends only to suit their interests...the selfish motif. I know many people who praise me when I am around but criticise and condemn me when I am gone. I hate such people. So, I prefer to remain alone most of the time.

Q. After "Soldier" and "Hamraz" don't you think that you are more suitable for action roles and rather than romantic roles?
Ans. People think like this because my Dad and elder brother Sunny were known for their action image. "Soldier" did succeed with my action hero image but I want to do all types of roles not just action. And, I know I can handle all types of roles.

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