Enter the villains in Claudia-Pravesh's love story
Thursday, November 12, 2009 17:04 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
It's the second day of the task today but the enthusiasm of the housemates has not waned. They are all up early and start preparing for their daily chores.

Malika Aditi wakes up at her time and is surprised by the wake up alarm. As we have been seeing the housemates are dressed in uniforms to serve our ‘Malika Aditi' the inmates get innovative with their look. Claudia experiments with her hair and the German Kudi takes all the attention away!

Of course, her admirer Pravesh without wasting time complements her. But the increasing attraction between Pravesh and Claudia is not taken down well with Vindu and Raju. Looks like insecurity is creeping in! Are we expecting a love triangle? Or in this case a love quadrangle?

Finally Bhakhtyar and Pravesh break the ice and talk like boys! Pravesh even apologizes to Shamita for misunderstanding her. Rohit and Raju bitch about Aditi ruining the task and that the luxury budget could be a dream.

Will Aditi be able to do justice with her title?
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