Did Sourav Ganguly date Claudia Ciesla?
Monday, November 23, 2009 11:53 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
A little birdie tells us that Saurav Ganguly and Claudia Ciesla - who is now locked up in the Bigg Boss house - had a roaring affair about a year ago. The two of them met while Claudia was shooting for her film 10:10 and was staying at The Park Hotel in Kolkatta.

It was a known fact among the crew members and unit walla of the film that Dada was vigorously wooing the German model. A member of the film unit confirmed that Sourav came several times to ‘take Claudia out for dinner'.

Coincidently, Saurav Ganguly's family owns and runs a restaurant called "Souravs" just opposite The Park Hotel, located on Park Street, which was in the eye of a storm when a Bengali TV channel ran footage of a sting operation. Channel 10 alleged that a prostitution racket was run from the premises of the Restaurant which was rented out to some body else.

Sourav Ganguly was earlier romantically linked to south actress Nagma and the couple even visited a Shiva temple together in 2001. At that time media reports had even suggested that Sourav's wife Donna had moved out of her marital home and shifted back with her parents.

Our source tells us that Sourav was extremely discreet in his dealings with Claudia Ciesla and did everything to ensure that the press didn't get wind of the budding romance.

We tried to contact Sourav Ganguly for his comments but he was unavailable for comment. Claudia Ciesla is locked up in the Bigg Boss House for a show that airs on the Colours channel, but her publicist and spokesperson denied the link up and said that it was baseless and false.

"It may be possible that the duo must have met. As an actress Claudia, meets various other celebrities at parties and events. But to say that they were romantically linked or to read too much into a chance dinner meeting is making a mountain out of a mole hill, " he said.

However, our source who was an eye witness is adamant. They must have met at least 10 times. Sourav played the perfect gentleman waiting for Claudia to finish her shooting and get into something appropriate for dinner.

He looked extremely possessive and his body language as well as Claudia's didn't look like they were having just a formal dinner. There was some chemistry. They two looked and behaved like they were ‘into' each other.

Apparently, the relationship fizzled out when Claudia Ciesla flew back to Germany and got busy with her other assignments. Dada too wouldn't want to jeopardize his marriage and probably gave up the chase.
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