Shimit Amin purposely teased me: Gauhar Khan
Friday, December 18, 2009 11:37 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
It's not just Ranbir Kapoor who has been troublesome for Gauhar Khan on the sets of ‘Rocket Singh-Salesman Of The Year'. The director Shimit Amin too, didn't leave any stones unturned to bully her in a funny way on the sets.

Gauhar explains, "Shimit is a very calm filmmaker, but has a mischievous side too. He would purposely tease me to give a single shot multiple times, even though he was convinced with the previous one."

"Also, he would pretend to be dissatisfied with my costumes and I would change only to find he was kidding with me, " says the bubbly actress, who took all the bullying in her stride and yet delivered a stunning performance in ‘Rocket Singh- Salesman Of The Year', for which she was also complemented by none other than Yash Chopra

"I had a blast shooting for the film, but such incidents would irritate me to a certain extent. However, Shimit being a fantastic director, it was a sheer treat to work with him, even after these small unintentional troubles, " chuckles Gauhar with a wink.
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