It pays to be Shakti Kapoor's daughter: Shraddha Kapoor
Saturday, February 27, 2010 14:19 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Shraddha Kapoor tells that she bagged her debut role in Teen Patti on her own merit and not because she happens to be the daughter of Shakti Kapoor or the niece of Padmini Kolhapure.

What is your role in Teen Patti?
I play the role of Aparna Khanna who is a studious girl and is also a guitarist in her college's music band. Aparna is a very intriguing person. The film is all about Aparna's journey and how during the journey Aparna starts discovering things about her which surprise her.

Do you think Teen Patti is the right launching pad for a newcomer like you?
Teen Patti, let me reiterate is not a quintessential Indian cinema about boy meets girl. Nor is it about gambling. Gambling forms just the backdrop of the film Teen Patti.

It is something which Indian cinema has not seen before. I thought that the script was very gripping and my role was well etched. I really felt that the film was good enough to be my launching pad.

To what extent could you relate to the character of Aparna in the film?
With my glasses on, I look like Aparna at home. I could relate to the role of Aparna to some extent since we look almost similar. The curiosity which both Aparna has and I have is another similarity between both of us.

Did you learn acting to equip yourself for the part that you are playing in Teen Patti?
I did not learn acting from any acting Institute. I learnt acting from my dad and Padmini mausi. As far as preparing for my part for the film Teen Patti was concerned, Mohit Tugnait taught me the nuances required for the role of Aparna.

How was the experience of working with an actor like Amitabh Bachchan?
I was extremely excited and also very nervous at the same time because I had got the opportunity to work with a legendary actor like Amitabh Bachchan in my very first film. The stature of the film was set automatically because of the presence of Amitabh Bachchan.

Did the fact that you are Shakti Kapoor's daughter help you bag your first break easily?
Just because I happen to the daughter of Shakti Kapoor and the niece of Padmini Kolhapure, the role did not just land on my lap on a silver platter.

I got my break on my own merit. Not many are aware of the fact that I had actually gone to audition for the role. It helped me that Ambika Hinduja who is the producer of Teen Patti had seen my picture on Face Book.

However, I would admit that the biggest advantage that I have is that people know me better even before I have made my debut as an actress because the media is more interested in me because I am the daughter of a celebrity like Shakti Kapoor.

I also confess that I have more connections in the film industry because of dad and hence people know that I exist.

And what according to you is the flip side of the coin?
The flip side is that people will compare me with my dad and my mausi. All that I'd say is that even if I have 2 percent of the talent that they have, I'll be happy.

How intimidating was it to share the frame with Amitabh Bachchan?
It was simply a great learning experience to work with an actor of the stature of Amitabh Bachchan.

Amitji knew that he would unknowingly make us feel intimidated and hence he made it a point not to spare us and left no opportunity to pull our legs and make us shed our inhibitions and feel comfortable and at ease while working with him.

In fact, I'd be worried if I was not asked to give a retake or Amitji did not give me any suggestion to improve myself.

What did you find interesting about Mr. Bachchan, as an actor?
It was interesting to note that Amitji used to cut himself off and be aloof whenever he had to do a serious scene. Amitji made me realize to what extent you have to go as an actor to go inside yourself to perform the character that you are playing.

What about your experience of working with R. Madhavan?
Working with an actor like R. Madhavan, who we used to call Maddy fondly was great fun. Maddy taught me a lot of card tricks while we were shooting on the sets for the film.

What kind of roles do you like to take up as an actress?
As an actress, I'd like to do a wide range of roles and be a part and parcel of what is known as versatile cinema.

Which films of your mausi do you like the best?
Prem Rog is my most favorite film among all the films in which my aunt Padmini Kolhapure has acted.

Who are your favorite directors?
Among the directors who I'd like to work with are Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Imtiaz Ali, Anurag Kashyap and Karan Johar, to name a few.

Who are your favorite actors and actresses today?
My most favorite actor among the stars of today is undoubtedly Ranbir Kapoor who has shown a lot of caliber even though he is only four films old till date. Among the actresses of today, I like Priyanka Chopra as well as Vidya Balan who are performers of the first order.
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