I am mad about Rahul Mahajan: Dimpy Ganguly
Monday, March 08, 2010 11:43 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Hours before Rahul Mahajan picked up Dimpy Ganguly as his Dulhaniya Saturday night (Mar 6, 2010), the Bong model tells Sreya Basu that she is madly in love with him.

What made you audition for Rahul Mahajan's swayambar?
I wanted to get married since I was 5-year-old. And as far as I know, Rahul is a nice, friendly and clean-hearted guy...someone I can picture as my husband.

There were 14 other contenders who wanted to be Mrs Rahul Mahajan. What made you stand out from the rest?
My confidence...that Rahul is going to chose only me as his dulhaniya.

I always believe in living on the edge and that's what makes me stand out from the rest. Even Rahul says, the first day we met it was I who made him nervous, not the other way round.

You must be knowing that Rakhi Sawant was the first one who chose to go for a swayambar on national television. Now she has broken off with Elesh Paurjanwala. Aren't you apprehensive about this marriage?
Rakhi didn't get married to Elesh. But here Rahul has decided to get married in front of the whole world.

He is a responsible man and I have full confidence in him.

Did your family support your decision to participate in this show?
It was completely my decision to participate in this show. My parents were a bit nervous ...but that's natural.

Your sister (Koel) seems to get along Rahul really well...
They share a perfect jija-saali relationship.

Are you aware of Rahul's first marriage and its outcome?
I live for the moment...who knows what is there tomorrow. At the moment, I feel really lucky to have Rahul in my life.

You are just 21...and are quite successful as a model. Don't you think this marriage is going to affect your career?
I am mad about Rahul. I have never felt like this for anyone before. I can do anything for him.
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