Kareena on Sex, Orgies and Men !
Tuesday, July 06, 2004 16:55 IST
By Santa Banta News Network

There is a sacred line in Bollywood, which demarcates good babes from the bad babes. But after you read the following few quotes from this article you'd realise that the very line of sanctity is getting blurred faster than you think.

Please shed all your preconceived notions because none of it comes from the perceived sex kittens like Mallika or Meghna. This time it's Kareena Kapoor, who picks the gauntlet and tells you how fast the winds of change are blowing in Bollywood.

Known for her brashness the Kapoor babe has an incorrigible funda in life, 'All men are dogs and they do have a one-track mind.' If you understand this one thing, the rest of the things will fall in place, she claims.

Completely true to her moniker, Bebo doesn't see any need for a girl to get cosy. She expects them to maintain certain dignity, as for men, they are all dogs, they'll come around and give the chase. But once you know him, don't jump into the bed with him. According to her, first dates are about finding out whether a second date can culminate out of the same.

Hitting at the crux of the matter Bebo says, "I feel virginity is not the most important thing, but yes, it is the most sacred thing. To me sex is too sacred a term to be used as casually as it is being used. Be it sexual experimentation like a threesome or one night stands, everything is a big no-no."

"I just want to have normal healthy fun with my man, that too, at the right time and with the right person. I am very conscious in every relationship, I tend to be committed 100 per cent. I don't think I will slip up."

Sick relationships are a big turn off for Kapoor Jr.

According to her: "If any woman thinks that her husband is forcing himself on her, she should leave him. There is no point in dragging a relationship where there is such discomfiture. So, the terms like marital rapes don't feature in my dictionary."

Ask her, is there any life possible with men and she retorts, "The institution of marriage is to make love to one another and procreate. Sex is a beautiful way in which a man tells a woman he cares and takes the relationship one step further. I might be wrong in my thought process but I do believe that what happens behind closed doors is not to be spoken of."

Too hot for a Kapoor babe, isn't it? Do you still need Mallika back?

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