Kangana Ranaut: Boob job or normal weight gain
Saturday, June 12, 2010 12:01 IST
People change, they say, and actor Kangana Ranaut is a prime example. After dropping to a size zero, the lady is this time in the news for putting on weight in a rather prominent place. Check out how Kangana has changed over the years:

When she first appeared in Gangster, we knew her as the scrawny girl with the funky hair and the pencil thin eyebrows. She was even compared to yesteryear actress, Zarina Wahab. Little did we know that the girl- next-door would turn into a sexy siren.

The girl got her curls, a brand new fashionable wardrobe and a new identity for her film Fashion. She even dropped a few kilos to make a big impact.

We loved her for her hair, because it was so different from the other actors in the industry. But before we could congratulate her for her curly locks, she had them straightened for Woh Lamhe to look like Parveen Babi.

Then the curls became softer and the pout more pronounced. Kangana refuted rumours of a lip job by blaming it on prawns. Well the allergy's gone on too long.

Kangana was last spotted at an awards function with a fuller bust. But before the reporters could cry boob job, she put it down to normal weight gain
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