K Jo cuts controversial scenes from We Are Family
Wednesday, August 25, 2010 13:00 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Producer Karan Johar and director Siddharth Malhotra have finally cut out nine minutes worth of footage from their upcoming movie We Are Family starring Kajol, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal.

The movie had a scene where the recent racist attacks on Indian people in Australia were referred to. But both the director and the producer feared the scenes might create controversy. So they deleted them from the final version of the movie.

Sources have reported that a scene was depicted in the movie showing the Indian children being abused in a school in that country. But Karan strongly felt that it should be chopped and it was done.

The film was shot in Australia so Karan wanted to delete these specific scenes so that the viewers don't think he was cashing in on the controversy. The source also added that Karan has always tried to remain away from any controversy and did not want to invite any trouble this time either.

Confirming the news, director Siddharth Malhotra said that the script was written two years back and at that time no such racism issue had occurred in Australia.

The movie has a scene where the Kajol's son is abused in the school, which leads to an argument between Kajol and Kareena over how to respond to the children. Later, Arjun complaints about this to the principal, who in turn assures punishing the concerned kid as the school would not tolerate any such issue.

A good thought by Karan Johar and his team, must say!
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