Early to bed, early to rise will definitely make you healthy and wise
Monday, October 25, 2010 15:05 IST
8.30 am: The day got kickstarted with yoga. It has become a compulsion for me now.

9 am: Breakfast with family and pankcakes for the calling. It is the most important meal for me something I'd never skip.

10.30 am: The day is incomplete if I do not do my daily puja. It gives me peace and gets my day rolling. 1 pm: Teji, my best friend Bini and I decide to go out for lunch. What a meal! Ate the most amazing seafood. Would term it the perfect meal.

4 pm: Time to become a tech freak again, getting the laptop out, replying to all my tweeps and catching up with all my friends and fans.

5 pm: Coffee and cookies is just the perfect evening snack, catching up on all that had been happening with my freinds

6 pm: Meeting some friends, the plan is to go shop. Bags, bags and more bags is the shout but it gets so difficult to beat the traffic of Mumbai.

9 pm: Eventful day comes to an end and it's time for a healthy dinner. Just going through all that I shopped. It sure looks like I bought the whole store.

10 pm: It is good night for now, I truly believe in the saying 'Early to bed, early to rise will definitely make you healthy and wise.'
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