Yana Gupta forgot to wear something
Tuesday, November 23, 2010 12:49 IST
We're not telling you what. The pics say it all

Yana Gupta was at an event held by an international children's charity over the weekend.

Dressed in a short black dress, the actress went commando (she wasn't wearing innerwear).

She tried her best to cover up by giving weird poses, but the damage was done. The photogs got what they came for.

Even though she made an attempt to get out of her car without giving an upskirt picture, what followed was a series of poses where the Babuji item girl was left further exposed.

While it has become the norm rather than the exception to see Hollywood's Britney Spears and Paris Hilton minus their innerwear when they step out in public, Indian celebs have remained more or less insulated to the phenomenon.

A few years ago, Shamita Shetty found out the hard way that not keeping your legs together when in a mini and the cameras are flashing, is dangerous.

When Hollywood went commando

BRITNEY SPEARS: Is the leader of the pack. She has put in more panty-less appearances for the pleasure of the paparazzi than anyone else here.

PARIS HILTON: A paparazzi darling, the hotel heiress has given photogs an ample view of what's between her legs more often than not. The second-in-command in this brigade, her crotch usually enters the frame before she does.

JENNIFER ANISTON: This one rarely has an oops moment. But always ends up the lonely one alone. She's way past the (Brad) Pitts, (Vince) Vaughns and the (John) Mayers and now is moving on in life... or maybe not. This commando look sure sees her coming off a tad bit desperate.

TARA REID: The relatively lesser-known actress sits pretty on her guy's lap, red-nosed and a little spaced out. Ok, make that pretty spaced out. We dread to find out what she has put on display here. This isn't her first time, won't be her last!

KATY PERRY: It's not uncommon to see Katy do something outrageous (her marrying Russell Brand being the most obvious). This moment shows her in all her translucent glory. If you were in the front row of this concert, you probably saw more than you paid for.
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