My 'well-wishers' are simply jealous of me: Shilpa Shetty
Wednesday, January 19, 2011 13:46 IST
One outlet closes down, the flagship to shut shop soon
PS: SS says it's only rent disagreements, insists her business is doing well

Shilpa Shetty's spa business is facing the heat and it is not exactly from the sauna at the star's business venture. The buzz is that the star is doing a rethink on its feasibility.

The spa's Lokhandwala branch has already closed shop with the flagship outlet at Khar also downing shutters soon. That leaves only the Ghatkopar outlet on course.

After hubby Raj Kundra became a co-owner of the Rajasthan Royals, Shilpa handled the marketing arm of the IPL team. Around the same time in 2009, she veered towards the spa business in partnership with buddy Kiran Bawa.

With a body to die for, she was ideal to float the venture as well as model for it.

Says a source, "Shilpa has been more focused on cricket and has been travelling a lot. As a result she has not been able to provide as much time to her business venture she being the face of it with Kiran handling the business side of it."

Shilpa admits that the Lokhandwala centre closed down a few months ago. "It was because the rent was too high, " she insists.

The Shut Up and Bounce actress however maintains that her business is doing well.

So why a problem with the rent issue?

She says, "It was not commensurate with the space. We had only three massage rooms, when ideally I would want at least five. Moreover the owner desired to sell the space.

Also, there are too many spas in the Lokhandwala area, so we thought it was better to move a bit away to another closer location."

The flagship at Khar will also soon have to close shop as the star finds the rents extremely steep in that area too.

"When we are paying a fat amount, we should get space to match. We are currently looking for a new premise at Lokhandwala.

Just yesterday, I saw a couple of places. Similarly, the Khar flagship which is operational now will in the coming months move to a new location."

Shilpa describes the buzz about her business by saying, "All this news is being spread by my so-called 'well-wishers'. They are simply jealous of me.

I don't have to tell what I make from my business. Why all this negativity? I have a regular clientele and they come for the services offered not because of me."

She has also lined up plans to primarily focus on the salon/spa service at the centers along with the weight loss wraps of offer.

"I have planned some surprises on my spa business front in the next couple of months. Wait and watch, " she fumes.
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