Jacqueline to play model for a Playboy-ish adult magazine
Wednesday, February 02, 2011 12:08 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
/> Is Jacqueline Fernandez shedding more clothes than ever before in Murder 2? The buzz is, the Bhatts are taking the erotic content in Murder 2 far beyond where they took it with Bipasha Basu in Jissm and Mallika Sherawat in Murder.

Jacqueline plays a centrespread model in Murder 2. Leave the steamy scenes of Mallika Sherawat in Murder behind. It's time for Jacqueline Fernandez to sizzle up the screen like never before for the Murder sequel.

Apparently Jacqueline plays the centrespead model of a Playboy-ish men's magazine. The role requires her to shed all inhibitions and most of her clothes which the Sri Lankan beauty, so far identified with frothy fun kiddies films like Alladin and Jaane Kahan Se Aayee Hai is more than willing to do.

Apparently Jacqueline has shown a keen interest in discarding her goodygoody image and is more than willing to go all-out for the role. Apparently director Mohit Suri has shot some never-before sequences with Jacqueline where she has shown much more just her histrionics.

Director Mohit Suri, currently helming the new-age erotica in Goa admits to the film's high on the erotic content. "Murder was five years ago. Back then adultery and a wife stealing away to meet her lover was a big thing.

People were turned on by Emraan's 17-18 smooches and Mallika Sherawat's bare back. Times have changed. It takes a lot to shock and titillate the audience.And we're doing just that."

Mohit, however, refuses to divulge if Jacqueline has gone completely nude. "All I'll say is she's gone as far as the role demands.

Jacqueline told me, ‘My earlier films were for small boys. I want Murder 2 to be for the big boys'. She plays a model for an adult magazine, an Indian equivalent of Playboy. So you can imagine what that entails! Jacqueline has completely surrendered to the role."

Murder 2 is set in the world of pimps, hookers and prostitutes. An area familiar to Mohit Suri who made Kalyug about an innocent girl being whisked away to a brothel.

"It's a thriller exploring the world of prostitutes, transvestites, pimps and gigolos. It is not a film for the young. Jacqueline will be going far ahead of anything seen so far in terms of the erotic content, " promises Mohit.

Mallika Sherawat was never considered seriously for Murder 2. Explains Mohit, "Bringing her and Emraan together again after Murder would've been too much of a repetition. There is a special challenge to making Jacqueline go into the erotic space.

Though Murder 2 is a sequel to Murder it has no connection with the earlier film. I've taken up the challenge of carrying a franchise from Bhatt Saab's Vishesh Films forward. I made Raaz 2, remember?"

As for Jacqueline, here's the thing. She has been working on improving the erotica level of Bipasha in Jissm and Mallika in Murder, hoping that Murder 2 would do the same trick for her.

One hopes when the pin-up girl gets into the act Mohit puts the pins in strategic places.
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