Celina fearful of extremists in Egypt
Monday, February 07, 2011 13:08 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
/> It is time for wedding bells for one of Bollywood's pretty actresses.Celina Jaitly will become Celina Haag on September 23 at a very private wedding where only the couple's family and close friends will be present.

Earlier Celina had planned not to get married before 2012. But now when the couple is sure of its feeling for one another, waiting seems futile.

The wedding will take place in turmoil-driven Egypt.Stressed by the present anti-government strife in the country Celina, who is Egypt's tourist ambassador, is determined that the wedding will take place in Egypt, come what may.

Says the shaken but confident bride-to-be, "By Sptember I'm sure everything will be back to normal in Egypt.It has to be. A strife of this sort cannot last for more than some days.Peter and I will take our marriage vows in Egypt and nowhere else.We had decided that when we decided to get married.That won't change." Celina is in constant touch with the Egyptian authorities on the situation in the country.She intends to visit Egypt as soon as the roar of guns and scream of violence subside.

Says Celina, "I'm very much in touch with Mr Khaled el Bakley the ambassador of Egypt to India, and Mr Adel el Masery, the director of Egyptian tourism. They have ensured that every help is provided to Indian nationals stranded in Egypt. I will visit Egypt as soon as it's possible for me to travel to the country. And yes, things better get to normal soon. Meri shaadi ka sawaal hai."

Celina feels there is no cause for alarm. "The situation always looks far more alarming from the outside than it actually is. The recent events in Egypt have left us all completely and totally astounded. Whatever happens next will impact Egypt and its people in a big way. My prayers are that whatever the outcome, it should be of a positive nature.

My only concern is extremist elements inside Egypt will manipulate the current situation for nefarious ends. My hope and wish is that whatever change follows the protests it should be of a positive nature that averts violence and radicalization which will enable Egypt to grow to its full potential."

Celina last visited Egypt last month. " Infact I spent an entire month there until 15th Dec 2010 for a shoot. Everything was perfectly normal and Egypt was as beautiful as ever. I attended the Cairo film festival as jury for 12 days and shot for approximately a week for an ad campaign all over Cairo without a clue about any incident as such taking over Egypt."

Playing the role of the ambassador to the hilt Celina says, "Modern Egypt-India relations go back to the contacts between Saad Zaghloul and Mohandas Gandhi on the common goals of their respective movements of independence.

Most importantly Egypt has played a key role as a key partner in the search for peace in the Middle East and resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Which in turn supports indias policy of promoting peace.

Egypt and India also share good trade relations. I urge people to come forward and share their thoughts prayers and feelings for Egypt and its people."

Celina has initiated a campaign for peace in Egypt on her official website.

"It's called Pray For Egypt. Twitter followers are invited to offer their prayers for peace in the region, "says Celina serenely.
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