Celina to adopt a baby after marriage
Friday, February 18, 2011 14:10 IST
Most probably, it will be a li'l girl

Celina Jaitly and her fiance Peter Haag, who are tying the knot this September have decided to adopt a baby after their marriage. The actress recently spend Valentine Day with him in Dubai.

The actress who is still there says, "Apart from a fabulous romantic evening on Valentine's Day, Pete also agreed to the most important thing that I wanted - adopting a child together from India."

She continues, "I am very happy that he is so willing to share my dream. It means more then anything material to me.

I spent a lot of time in north-east and that is where I am very keen on adopting from there. I always wanted to adopt besides having my own kids.

It's great that Pete has agreed to this. It means the world to me. It's not easy you know for most men to accept such a decision."

Though they are getting married this year, they won't be adopting immediately. She adds, "Maybe in a year and a half after marriage pehle maa-baap banne ke layak toh ho!"

She hasn't decided if it will be a baby girl or a baby boy, "I haven't thought of that yet, to be honest. It's something we still have to think about.

Her last single Valentine

Celina says her Valentine's with Peter was special.

"I wore a black and antique gold Karen Miller dress and Pete took me out to a very romantic evening in the highest restaurant of Emirates Towers with the view of the entire city and gifted me a little pooch (miniature terrier) called Fiona who will arrive from Hungary in three months.

I am so excited and Gooblee (another pet dog of hers) will be so jealous. Miniatures are best bred in Hungary according to the dog dealer.

After Gooblee, Heiniken and Teacup, Fiona will be my fourth.

I have been horrid not given anything him anything. As for his present he has demanded parental rights to gooblee."
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