Shocking: Did Ragini MMS couple go 'all the way' to make love-making look real?
Monday, May 16, 2011 12:39 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
/> It is whispered that in the quest to give Ragini MMS a feeling of a real-life in-the-bedroom feeling the film made the screen pair Raj Kumar Yadav and Kainaz Motivala go ‘all the way'. Shocking? But not unheard-of.

In the quest of realism it isn't unknown for actors to actually perform the love-making act on screen rather than faking it. In the West films like Caligula, Cruising, Devil In The Flesh and the controversial British film 9 Songs, had actors involved in authentic hardcore love-making sequences.

However this phenomenon has so far been unknown in Hindi films. In the endeavour to bridge the gap between documentary and cinema and to give the bedroom proceedings a feeling of on-camera voyeurism Ragini MMS has apparently filmed bonafide love -making scenes between the couple.

When contacted the film's leading man Raj Kumar Yadav who earlier participated in the stark copulatory footage of a couple making out on a video camera in Dibakar Bannerjee's Love Sex Aur Dokha, doesn't deny the couple may have gone further than films and fantasy have so far permitted.

Says Yadav, "How far have we gone in the love-making scene? That I can't tell you

. But I'll say this. We haven't made a porn film. I don't know if the love-making in Ragini MMS has gone further than any other Hindi film. But yeah, the film gives you a feeling of peeping into a couple's bedroom. There are some intimate scenes.

They're very much a part of the script and essential to the plot. But our film is not only about these scenes. "

However we know better. Ragini MMS is not your ordinary cuddle-and-kiss simulated-sex product. There's much more here than meets the sigh.

Yadav and his co-star Motivala were put through intense "intimacy acclimatization" workshops where the pair ...well, decided, in the words of the film's uncouth protagonist, "rock under the frock. "

Yadav of course tries to play down the love-making practice. "They weren't exactly love-making rehearsals. But Kainaz and I did a lot of discussions. By the time we started shooting we shared a comfort level. It would've certainly been tough doing those scenes if we were strangers. "

The film also has Yadav speaking the strongest most lurid kind of language heard in a Hindi film. Says Yadav, "I don't use such language in real life. But I've friends on Delhi who do. "
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